HAVOC started out as an ember of an idea and has now grown into a wildfire. HAVOC is the brain-child of a group of like-minded competitive racers and ex-Special Forces military personnel who where looking to conduct a race which truly challenged its participants like nothing else could. The race had to have a unique format and was to be conducted in an iconic internationally recognised location. 

This is a one-of-a-kind obstacle race held in an iconic holiday destination. The event combines unique challenges posed by strategically placed obstacles over a course which includes a combination of urban, beach, water and rainforest terrain to offer an event unlike any other on the planet.

Our Special Forces team have designed the course to emulate the challenges of Special Forces Selection. True Special Forces warriors must be able to operate in any environment where they must have the ability to climb, carry, run, swim, traverse and fight. Therefore this course is conducted over a variety of terrain, and is designed to truly test its participants in a number of different disciplines from crawling, carrying and traversing to running, swimming and climbing. You are forced to fight your way through each challenge as an individual or in a team.

Test your resilience, hardiness and resolve. Prepare to 'Wreak Havoc'.