The HAVOC Racing Company Pte Ltd is proud to announce the inaugural HAVOC Obstacle Course Race ('OCR') Singapore which will be held Palawan Beach Sentosa Island, Singapore on the 13th of October, 2018. The race will follow a specially designed 8.5km course which will test your strength, skill, fitness and determination in an iconic location.


The race will be conducted according to 2 race events:

  1. Havoc Obstacle Course Race - 8.5km for mens, womens & teams;
  2. Havoc Elite-endurance Obstacle Course Race - 17km for mens, womens & teams


Each event will be awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes for the following 10 categories:

  1. Havoc Obstacle Course Race (8.5km) Individual Open Mens
  2. Havoc Obstacle Course Race (8.5km) Individual Open Womens
  3. Havoc Obstacle Course Race (8.5km) Team Open Mens
  4. Havoc Obstacle Course Race (8.5km) Team Open Womens
  5. Havoc Obstacle Course Race (8.5km) Team Open Mixed
  6. Havoc Elite-endurance OCR (17km) Individual Open Mens
  7. Havoc Elite-endurance OCR (17km) Individual Open Womens
  8. Havoc Elite-endurance OCR (17km) Team Open Mens
  9. Havoc Elite-endurance OCR (17km) Team Open Womens
  10. Havoc Elite-endurance OCR (17km) Team Open Mixed 


  • Palawan Beach Sentosa Island, Singapore


All entrants who register prior to the 15th September 2018 will receive a 10% discount on the race entry fee. 

Athletes may register on the day of the event however the discount fee will not apply; and you may not be able to pick up all items in your race-pack (eg. t-shirt etc.)


The Havoc OCR (8.5km) and the Elite-endurance OCR (17km) will be conducted on the same course. The Havoc OCR will complete 1 lap of the 8.5km course to finish and the Elite-endurance OCR will complete 2 laps of the 8.5km course to finish.

Heats will start every 5 to 10-mins from 0630*. Racers will be given their heat start-times within the week prior to the race commencement to ensure that you have adequate time to arrive, prepare and warm-up for your race.

At the end of the event, race finishers will be assigned a ranking according to their race time and the number of obstacles successfully completed.

*Subject to change


  • Registrations open: Midday on 15th May, 2018
  • Registrations close: Midnight on 11th October, 2018
  • For all other significant dates, please go to our CALENDAR page
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The course covers 8.5km and is conducted on the south side of Sentosa Island. It includes road running, beach running, trail-running, water negotiation and obstacle negotiation. Racers will be required to complete all obstacles to achieve the HAVOC WREAKERS finishers medal. 

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Once you have finished your registration for the race we will send you a HAVOC t-shirt, a training and preparation program, a training recovery guide and nutrition guide. This program will provide you with anything your will need to know to ensure that you are physically prepared for the race.

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Racers will be required to successfully negotiate up to 10 natural and specially designed man-made obstacles during the 8.5km course. Racers will be required to run, climb, carry and traverse in order to complete the individual obstacle challenges. Teams will be expected to work together and finish together.

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Our elite training team will be on-hand to guide, mentor and train you in your preparation for the race, and during the event. In the lead-up to the event they will be conducting special training events which registered racers may attend in order to experience elite Special Forces preparation training.

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Sentosa Island is an iconic international holiday destination. The island offers a large variety of activities and accomodation options. It was the ideal location for the HAVOC Race because it offers a unique format which incorporates multiple types of environments and challenges in a unique and beautiful setting. 



Proceeds from the HAVOC Race will be donated to XY Charity for the...